Yearly in the united states, over Six hundred semi-truck drivers die. Tractor trailer operators encounter plenty of frightening situations while travelling that can cause dangerous injuries both to themselves, and often to the individuals in the cars close to them. Below, we break down a few of the usual accident types concerning big rigs.

1. Tire blowouts. Each time a tire’s take has gotten worn to the level of getting weakened, or its stand is smoothed out from age and time on the highway, blowouts can develop. It happens pretty commonly, as you probably understand from looking at all the rubber tire clutter on the freeways. If the blowout is a dreadful one, the final results could be perilous.

2. A “Jack Knife” takes place when the trailer belonging to the semi-truck shots out at a 90-degree angle due to the semi-truck going to a skid. This sort of accident develops quite often in awful climate if the roads happen to be slippery, often from snow or rain combining with the oils while travelling. Jack knife accidents are most common on the road system.

3. Lost Loads. As the name suggests, this type of incident develops when a commercial truck or big rig drops their weight when driving. Quite often, it’s a result of the trailer not being attached to the semi-truck accurately. These displaced load mishaps are terribly damaging for the motorists and travellers in the vehicle at the rear of the commercial truck, as opposed to the drivers themselves.

4. Side Accidents. Such things happen any time one more auto is hit in the side by atruck. A lot of these tractor trailer crashes tend to happen due to foot brake breakdown, speeding or tailgating. Side collisions are one of the most dangerous incidents for truckers as well as drivers and travellers in vehicles.

5. Under-Ride Mishaps. This scenario takes place when a smaller automobile strikes a tractor trailer and gets pinned beneath the commercial truck. It can happen both from the side or the back of the semi-truck, although many tractor trailer are equipped now with pads on the back end of thecommercial truck. Side guards are not as prevalent yet.

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